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Datacentre Bandwidth

Alentus is a unique service provider that has both a core backbone network with hundreds of peers and high quality Tier 1 upstreams.  In addition to our own network, we offer private interconnects with some of our major network upstreams like Global Crossing, TInet (Tiscali), Level3, and Sprint.  This diversity allows you to buy both or either our core network offering or one of our Tier 1 upstream feeds, with a connection running directly from you to them; you just get the bill from Alentus UK!

Leased Line sDSL ADSL
Mission Critical Medium Enterprise General Access
High SLA Medium SLA Low SLA
64kbit/sec to Gbit/sec 2Mbit/sec to 8Mbit/sec 512Kbit/sec to 16Mbit/sec
Limitless Users 15+ Users 1+ Users
Uses Dedicated Private Circuit Uses local telephone line Uses local telephone line

Speeds are available as low as 10Mbps Ethernet and go up to 10-Gigabit Ethernet depending on location and available capacity.  With rates as low as 2/Mbps, Alentus is your one stop source for the best datacentre bandwidth options. 

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