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Windows Media Server

Add advanced streaming functionality and scalability with Windows Media Server, the industry's most powerful streaming media server.

Enrich your website experience and extend multicasting beyond audio and video content to include Web pages, slides, and images with Windows Media Server's easy-to-manage interface.

Windows Media Server

Windows Media Services 9

Installed on your dedicated server, Windows Media Services 9 Series provides the ultimate fast-streaming experience, dynamic programming for on-the-fly and personalized content delivery, and an industrial-strength platform that ensures ease-of-administration, customization, and scalability.


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Windows Media Services 9 Free! $ 100.00

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Windows Media Services 9 Dedicated Hosting Advantages

Ultimate Streaming Experience Fast Streaming capabilities in Windows Media Services effectively eliminate buffering time, and reduce the likelihood of playback interruptions due to connectivity conditions. Features include:

  • Advanced Fast Start
  • Advanced FF/RW
  • Broadcast AutoStart
  • Play While Archiving

Dynamic Content Programming. Windows Media Services enables dynamic content programming, so that you can instantly update and personalize content to provide the most compelling user experience.

  • Automatically program and seamlessly update digital media content on-the-fly
  • Make program changes during on-demand or live broadcasts, change the order of clips, insert an ad, insert a new clip, and more, without interrupting streaming content.
  • Generate revenue with a wide variety of advertising types, including lead-in or interstitial ads, which can be easily integrated with third-party advertising servers.
  • Automatically generate personalized playlists tailored to individual audience members, making streaming content more relevant and useful to each user.

Industrial-Strength Programming. Windows Media Services 9 Series provides simplified, more flexible administration and supports twice as many simultaneous users as the previous version—with increased reliability and security. Developers can integrate and extend streaming environments with the industry's most extensible platform, which provides:

Increased scalability. With approximately twice as many concurrent users per server at any bandwidth, Windows Media Services can effectively reduce costs to enable economical streaming. Upgrade to 64-bit version of Windows Media Services, and increase scalability by an additional 40%.

Customized cache/proxy solutions. Developers can build streaming cache/proxy solutions to control the customization and extension of native cache and proxy policies. Cache/proxy solutions are cost-effective and efficient, enabling organizations to conserve network bandwidth, decrease network-imposed latency, and decrease the load on origin servers.

Flexible administration. In virtually any environement through the familiar Microsoft Management Console (MMC), Web browser, or command-line scripts, Windows Media Servers can be easily managed. Including the Windows Media Services Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager, Diagnose possible service outages or configuration issues and use the information to correct server issues or optimize the server for performance.

Robust use-limit parameters. Windows Media Services 9 Series provides the industry's most robust set of properties, enabling IT professionals to set limits down to the individual transaction level to ensure that transmissions do not exceed the capabilities of the server, network, or player.

Secure delivery. With support for digital rights management (DRM) for on-the-wire and persistent client-side security, Windows Media Services can Secure server-to-server and server-to-client distribution of content through a variety of authentication and authorization mechanisms, including new support for Kerberos and HTTP Digest.

Flexible programming and plug-in architecture. Easily build custom applications for configuring and monitoring using standard WBEM/WMI and the industry's most extensive object model with more than 1000 server interfaces. Extend functionality and seamlessly integrate with existing systems and solutions for storage, billing, and logging using programming languages you already know, like Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic Scripting Edition, and Perl.

Additional Windows Media Server 9 Information

Additional Windows Media Server 9 Information

Full Product and Developer Information

Windows Media Services 9 Series was updated for the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating systems with Service Pack 1 (SP1), and for the new x64-based versions of Windows Server 2003, adding advanced streaming functionality and native 64-bit support for even higher scalability. Now more than ever, it's the industry's most powerful streaming media server.


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