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Dedicated Windows Servers

Dell Remote Access Card (DRAC)

A systems management solution designed to provide additional remote management capabilities for your Dell PowerEdge server

About the Dell Remote Access Card (DRAC)

How Does It Work?

Accessible remotely over an IP connection, the Dell Remote Access Card DRAC5 provides a web based console from which to monitor your system.  It goes beyond just monitoring whether or not your system responds to requests: it's independently powered, allowing you to restart a cold server and power off a server remotely.  It features virtual media to install encrypted software from anywhere, and the OS-independent continuous video console has last screen capture and watches your server reboot, allowing you to monitor the status of your Alentus hosting dedicated server, even during the reboot.

Additional Features include:

  • It's own microprocessor and memory
  • Allows you to remotely manage and monitor your system even when the system is down
  • Reports warnings or errors related to voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds
  • Provides a complete hardware and software solution for remote systems management
  • This product has been tested and validated on Dell™ systems

The DRAC 5 provides the following features:

  • Dynamic Domain Name System (DNS) registration
  • Remote system management and monitoring using a Web-based interface, serial connection, remote RACADM, or telnet connection.
  • Support for Active Directory authentication. Centralizes all DRAC 5 user ID and passwords in Active Directory using Standard Schema and Extended Schema.
  • Console Redirection. Provides remote system keyboard, video, and mouse functions.
  • Virtual Media. Enables a managed system to access a media drive on the management station.
  • Access to system event logs. Provides access to the system event log (SEL), DRAC 5 log, and last crash screen of the crashed or unresponsive system that is independent of the operating system state.
  • Dell OpenManage software integration. Enables you to launch the DRAC5 Web-based interface from Dell OpenManage Server Administrator or IT Assistant.
  • RAC alert. Alerts you to potential managed node issues through e-mail messages or an SNMP trap using the Dedicated, Shared with Failover, or Shared NIC settings.
  • Local and remote configuration. Provides local and remote configuration using the RACADM command-line utility.
  • Remote power management. Provides remote power management functions from a management console, such as shutdown and reset.
  • IPMI support
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Provides secure remote system management through the Web-based interface.
  • Password-level security management. Prevents unauthorized access to a remote system.
  • Role-based authority. Provides assignable permissions for different systems management tasks.

Additional Information

  • For additional information regarding the latest Dell Remote Access Controller 5 with Firmware Version 1.30, please visit the User's Guide on

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