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SharePoint Videos

Do more with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Discover more ways to integrate your SharePoint solution with your projects and business processes management, with SharePoint training videos from Alentus.

Available to all of our SharePoint Hosting customers and their users at no extra charge, these videos provide instruction on a wide range of topics such Site Settings, Customizing Contact Lists, and using Workflows, as well as on integrating with Microsoft Office 2007 products, like Outlook, Word and Excel.

How to Access the Videos – Alentus SharePoint Hosting customers can contact the Sales department through the Alentus Support Center, and we can provide you with login credentials, and instructions for unlimited access to the SharePoint training videos. Videos are best viewed in Internet Explorer 7.0.

Episode One - Getting Started

Episode Two - Editing Content

  • Welcome to Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 User Training
  • The Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Environment
  • Site Settings in SharePoint 1
  • Site Settings in SharePoint 2
  • Permissions in SharePoint 1
  • Permissions in SharePoint 2
  • Using Help in SharePoint
  • Changing the Site Image
  • Create a new List or Library
  • Create a new Announcement and Calendar Item
  • List Settings
  • Links Lists
  • Contacts, List Permissions
  • Contacts, the Datasheet, the Import process
  • Filtering and Sorting in a List
  • Task List
  • Project Tasks with SharePoint/div>
  • Track Issues with SharePoint
  • Create a Custom Project Task List in SharePoint
  • Get notified of changes using Alerts
  • Using the Recycle Bin
  • Require Content Approval for a List


Episode Three - Documents

Episode Four - Workspaces

  • Create a new Document Library, work with Library settings, and connect to Outlook.
  • Document Library 2
  • Document Library 3
  • Uploading files into a Document Library
  • Edit files, Check-in/check-out, Versioning
  • Library permissions, sub-folder permissions
  • Library Views, Metadata, Filter and Sort
  • Library SentTo features, Document Workspace
  • Picture Libraries
  • Discussion Groups
  • Surveys in SharePoint
  • RSS feeds in SharePoint
  • SharePoint site Mobile URL


Episode Five - Customization

Episode Six - Microsoft Office

  • Working with Web Parts, part 1
  • Working with Web Parts, part 2
  • About Web Parts
  • About Basic Pages
  • Creating Custom Lists
  • Creating Custom Views
  • Sharing customizations in SharePoint (Portability)
  • SharePoint Calendar and Outlook integration
  • SharePoint Contacts and Outlook integration
  • SharePoint Tasks and Outlook integration
  • SharePoint Document and Picture Libraries and Outlook integration
  • SharePoint Discussion Groups and Alerts and Outlook integration
  • Excel 2007 integration with SharePoint
  • Word 2007 integration with SharePoint
  • Shared Document Management with SharePoint and Office 2007
  • 1 Microsoft Whitepaper: Microsoft Office and SharePoint Integration (.doc)


Episode Seven


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