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Comparing SharePoint vs Quickr

SharePoint can integrate with your favourite Microsoft programs and extends functionality.


Microsoft SharePoint and Lotus Quickr have similar features when it comes to collaborative features. In fact, Lotus Quickr goes beyond connectivity with Lotus programs and includes a connector for Microsoft Office files. But if you’re not invested in software other than Microsoft Office, is it worth the additional resources?

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+ 10% Off with Annual Hosting
+ Free SSL 4 Life!
+ 10% Off with Annual Hosting
+ Free SSL 4 Life!
+ 10% Off with Annual Hosting
+ Free SSL 4 Life!

Business starts out innocent enough: take on a few projects, talk to a few people, and begin co-ordinating your tasks and contacts via email. With Microsoft Outlook, it is easy take advantage of its full feature list: calendars, to-do lists, address and contact lists. Business starts to grow and more people are brought on to your team: upgrading to Microsoft Exchange Email to have common address books, calendars and a bit of file storage.

As teams expand, projects get bigger, and with the use of Blackberry smart phones, members of a team are working with clients, wherever clients may be, using all of the tools you have to keep up. 

The data and documents grow faster than email alone can keep up.  With the limitless amounts of information kept in Microsoft Word & Excel documents, (not to mention all of those client presentations in PowerPoint) keeping track of it all can be time consuming, while deadlines arrive faster than ever before.

Free yourself from the confines of workstations and simple file sharing.  Communication and Collaboration software allows you to share important documents securely, post announcements, get feedback, share schedules and information resources all from a web-based portal.

You have many choices for collaborative software, so which one do you choose?

  • Microsoft SharePoint technologies are an extension of that familiar software landscape of Microsoft Office products. 
  • With a recognizable interface your team will be able to adopt its features quickly and easily.
  • Getting started with any collaborative software can be tricky: determining required hardware, operating system, licensing costs and the necessary bandwidth can make the whole idea seem more complicated than it needs to be. That's why SharePoint Hosting with Alentus is easy
  • We take the guesswork out of hardware, bandwidth and licensing so that you can get right back to using the solution you set out to use.
  • With a track record we’re proud of (it’s over a decade now), we have been hosting Microsoft SharePoint technologies since they first arrived in 2001, and we know how effective they can be to your communications. 

Call 1-877-922-9903 to order and get started collaborating today.


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